Unmask Blocked Numbers with TrapCall app for iPhone

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TrapCall app for iPhone unmasks blocked or ‘number unidentified’ type of calls to your iPhone. What you have to do is to redirect the masked call coming to your iPhone to your TrapCall account special number, and in turn, TrapCall will send you the ID and phone number of the caller. As simple as that. TrapCall has made special arrangements with all top US mobile companies that enable them to unmask blocked numbers. TrapCall is a free of cost application from TelTech Systems Inc. You might not receive such calls every day. But having an app such as TrapCall comes handy, when such a call indeed comes.

The Application

The basic feature of TrapCall app for iPhone is to redirect unanswered, missed, or rejected calls to one of TrapCall’s toll-free numbers, and in return, the user will receive the ID and phone number of the caller. In other words, when you receive a blocked call, press the same key on the phone that would normally send the call to voicemail, and TrapCall app will transfer the call back to you with the caller’s identity. The entire process usually takes about 6 seconds, and during this time, the caller will hear the standard ringtone.

iPhone TrapCall app

Further, TrapCall iPhone application offers blacklisting services, wherein you can opt to have certain phone numbers (for example, from your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, ex-boss, or mother-in-law) blacklisted so that the app automatically blocks incoming calls from these numbers. They will be directed to a voicemail with a message requesting them to stop making calls to your number.

iPhone TrapCall app also offer call recording services, wherein incoming calls and subsequent conversations with you are recorded by the application. Anyone who receives harassing calls can make use of this feature, and present the recorded voice clip as evidence to the authorities. Another notable feature of TrapCall is the voicemail transcription option, wherein voice mails left in your voice mail box by various callers are converted into text messages, before being delivered in your SMS inbox. Other than from the app, you can also manage your TrapCall account online.


TrapCall app for iPhone is a handy call application whose core features include unmasking blocked incoming calls, caller blacklisting, call recording, voicemail transcription, alongside online account management option. It comes handy to most people who often receive masked calls in their mobiles. TrapCall is a free application that runs on iOS 3.0 or later versions of the Apple operating system.

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