Improve Printing From Devices using PrinterPro App for iPhone

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PrinterPro App for iPhone is an application that lets you print annotated documents, PDF, attachments, web pages, and even photos directly from your iPhone. There is no need for wires or other intermediary devices to get the print job done. The latest version of PrinterPro (1.5) for iPhone comes with added features such as manually setting up the page margins and previews the text layout prior to printing, not to mention the improved printing results achieved by the latest version of the application. The PrinterPro 1.5 app for iPhone is a paid app, which is available for download from the Apple App Store for $6.99.

The Application

It goes without saying that for PrinterPro iPhone app to print your pages, you need a Wi-Fi enabled printer or one that is plugged to the wireless network near you. Once you have set that up, the PrinterPro app will let you print documents in a jiffy. It even has the ability to calibrate your printer to prevent print cropping.

iPhone PrinterPro App

The user interface of iPhone PrinterPro app is extremely well laid out and quite easy to use. When you launch the application, you’ll be given the various options as to from what you wish to take the printout. The app lets you print email attachments, contents from DropBox server, contacts, Clipboard contents, web pages, photos, or even files from other applications in the iPhone. Regarding printing email attachments, you can open the attachment right from within the PrintPro app and print them wirelessly. In case of PDF files, you can print them using the app, with all the markups, notes, signatures, or even embedded forms. There is no need to flatten the document before you printout anymore.


PrinterPro app for iPhone fits the bill as a reliable printer application for your iPhone, given its assortment of features. The app is not only reliable and easy to use, but also lets you take prints from a multitude of locations, such as your email, photo folder, address book, Clipboard, or even third party applications in your iPhone. Like typical PC printer applications, PrinterPro also let you set the page margins, and preview the text layout prior to printing. The PrinterPro app comes at a price tag of $6.99. But, given its many utilities, the app is worth its price tag. Verdict: PrinterPro app for iPhone is a must have application for business executives who use iPhone.

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