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Blackberry users fall in any of these two categories: those who like the today screens, and those who despise it. Until the release of Blackberry torch, there were options to install a today theme on your Blackberry device. Further RIM is yet to release a Theme Studio for OS 6.0 so that designers cannot create a theme for the latest OS yet. It is this void that is filled by deToday application. deToday app is available for download from Blackberry App World for a price of $4.99 per license.

Features of deToday App

deToday app for Blackberry lets you pull all your appointments right on to your home screen background. That is, for the user, there is no more compulsion to hang around the calendar icon to pull out your appointments for the day. The app will let you choose the number of appointments you want to display at a time, complete with the color code and font size of your choice, alongside background color. Another notable feature of deToday app is that it supports multiple calendars. Further, deToday Blackberry application offers support for normal, recurrent, and all-day appointments, auto updates when the calendar is updated, options to add image and text effects, and comes with a quick ‘turn On/Off’ option.

Blackberry deToday app

Blackberry deToday app also integrates seamlessly with BerryWeather, which is displayed in the background, and Crackberry Wallpaper Changer. The app is further noted for its extremely low CPU/memory footprint, and inbuilt security measures that does not display your personal info when the device is locked.


deToday Blackberry app is a decent choice to make, if you’re looking to add some today screen functionality to your latest Blackberry’s screen. Functionality wise, it fills in for what is missing in the Blackberry OS 6.0. The app is feature-rich, user friendly, robust, and quite bug free. It is responsive for most parts, and provides free email support to all subscribers. deToday application for Blackberry comes at a price tag of $4.99 per license. But if you wish to test it out before buying its full version, there is a 15-day trial version available for download from the Blackberry App World. Verdict: Good one to have in your Blackberry.

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