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Some of the best apps in Google Play Store are paid ones. But if you’re a type of person who tests lots of paid apps in your phone, perhaps something like Apps Prices Watcher app for Android would come certainly handy. It helps you save some bucks on potential app downloads, assuming that you’re prepared to wait for some time for the app prices to drop a bit. Apps Prices Watcher will tell you when the price of your favorite apps changes so that you can you can make the move when the price is low. You can get Apps Prices Watcher Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Apps Prices Watcher App Features

Apps Prices Watcher app for Android checks the prices of apps in “Google Play” that you specify, and if prices be changes, it will tell you about it. So you do not miss a sale and you can make a purchase at a lower price. For example, apps such as Gameloft and EA often do the big discounts by holidays. Apps Prices Watcher informs you when such a deal is offered. It will trace all changes in the prices and will notify you on it. After adding your selection of apps to the watch list, you can specify the settings for automatic or manual check. Automatic check searches for app updates automatically. You can remove an app from the list any time you want.

Apps Prices Watcher App for Android

The UI of Android Apps Prices Watcher app is well designed. The apps are listed in an easy to read format. You can even view the last update date. However, the app takes data from the Android market without authorization. The developers of Apps Prices Watcher themselves acknowledge this bug, and promises to fix it in the future versions. Apps Prices Watcher is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and up.


If you tend to look for deals in Google Play Store, Apps Prices Watcher app for Android might come just handy. It alerts you when the price of a particular app changes in Google Play Store. You simply add the apps you want to monitor in Apps Prices Watcher and it’ll tell you when the price has dropped. The UI is clutter free. It is pretty easy to add/remove apps from the list. Verdict: Check it out if you are always in the look out for cheaper deals in Google Play.

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