AppZilla 3 for iPhone Review

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In the event that you write in a certain expression, you will get a whole bunch of applications of uses related to that subject. Clearly it feels fair to be shown with choices, yet on the off chance that you are questing for something specific, and then encountering all the applications to find what you need could be decently tiresome. AppZilla 3 : 150 in 1! for iPhone takes care of this issue for you. Developed by fable application developers, Fossil Software, the app has bagged an impressive 12+ ratings, more than six thousand recommendations as indicated on the iTunes App Store.


AppZilla 3 app for iPhone provides an exemplary interface which is fluid and easy to navigate. It brings 150 applications spread across different categories on a single platform that would be convenient for a user to pick and use. All the applications are organized in a sequential order, yet users are allowed to reorder them. It’s additionally conceivable to add applications to top picks conceal them from prying eyes and add a live wallpaper to make the background look all the more engaging. As compare to its earlier version, it has incorporated 40 new applications which include photo effects, on this day, speed test, heat vision, photo captions, media vault, voice alerts, blackjack, solitaire, and many more. It unveils various functions which are not only easily accessible but customizable also. The app costs $0.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

AppZilla 3 for iPhone

The impeccable feature of AppZilla 3 iPhone appincludes dot-lock protection to make some apps private, a category view to find apps and games easier, live wallpaper to customize the AppZilla 3 background and an auto-launch app system. It is the easiest way to look for an app in order to make the most of the things done in an efficient and effective way. The other phenomenal applications which fall under the purview of AppZilla 3 are Currency converter, dictionary, ruler, protractor, music box, glow paint, unit calculator and many more.


AppZilla 3 for iPhone requires iOS versions 5.0 or higher. The app has already created a buzz on the iOS platform. The performance and speed of the application is outstanding which let you pick always the best app. If you love apps, then AppZilla 3 will definitely get you excited. Even with a price of $0.99, it is worth trying out.

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