Camera Plus Capture remotely with AirSnap iPhone App Review

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The iPhone camera has improved by leaps and bounds since the introduction of the first iPhone. Even a common man can now click breathtaking photos using iPhone’s impressive hardware and some software trickery. In fact, the default iPhone photography software is capable enough for excellent photos that it is tough to recommend someone to purchase a paid photography app that claims to do a better job. But Camera Plus: Capture remotely with AirSnap iPhone App is an exception wherein spending $1.99 seems like money well spent.


It is a truth that many smart phones has surpassed the camera capability of up to iPhone 5S. With an app like Camera Plus, your iPhone can also click snaps that match the best hardware in the industry. One unique feature of Camera Plus app for iPhone is the AirSnap remote capture function. Using this feature, you can connect two devices via WiFi or Bluetooth and use one as your lens and the other as your monitor. Other features are also equally stylish, simple enough for holiday snappers and handy enough for professional photographers. The app let you intelligently adjust the lighting with ‘Lumy’, provides stability control and leveling assistance and other typical tools found in photographic apps.

Camera Plus Capture remotely with AirSnap iPhone App

The UI of Camera Plus iPhone app is clean. The tools that you might need to click a photo are right at your fingertips. Advance options such as burst modes, timers etc are packed in a submenu. Once you’d clicked the image, filters and image tweaks allow you to fine tune the image. You also have an option to add photo captions. The ‘focus shift’ feature let you effortlessly bring desired subjects in and out of focus and obscure the rest. Further, it has three focus modes: Macro, Normal and Far to bring desired subjects into focus and get really sharp photos. The app also has private folders to lock your personal photos and videos away from the view of others. But it is not free. You got to get it through in-app purchase.


Camera Plus app for iPhone is well rounded product and a worthy companion to go with your iPhone camera. It has some mouthwatering features that are unmatched in iTunes. But keep in mind that Camera Plus app is for iOS 8 only. Make sure that you upgrade to the latest iOS version before purchasing Camera Plus. One of the powerful photography add-ons for your iPhone. Check it out.

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