Arabic Dictionary App for iPhone Review

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If you’re planning a trip to the Arabia, perhaps Arabic Dictionary for iPhone will come more than handy. It provides quick translation of common words, phrases, and even idioms between English and Arabic languages. You can get the app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.


Arabic Dictionary app for iPhone is a bilingual dictionary translates words and phrases from English to Arabic and Arabic to English. The offline dictionary has over 94,000 English and 96,000 Arabic words, with English and Arabic pronunciations. In addition to the search/scroll feature that let your browse tons of phrases and vocabulary, you can also find lots of proper nouns for countries and places around the world. If you’re a frequent traveler to the Middle East, these will come certainly handy. As mentioned, the strong point of Arabic Dictionary iPhone app is the audio feature. For every entry, it let you listen to Arabic and English pronunciations of a phrase. This is just perfect for people who might want to learn those key phrases in either language, but is short of time to master the written alphabet. The audio feature also let you learn the precise pronunciation of a word.

Arabic Dictionary App for iPhone

The definitions of words include Wiktionary word information, including historical uses of the word and synonyms to help students find the most appropriate word for any sentence. Also, users can copy and paste translations into any other app or send the translation directly by SMS text message. The translations can also be shared via Twitter or Facebook as a status update, or LinkedIn as a network update. Further, it has a ‘word of the day’ feature as well as flash cards, multiple choice quizzes and random word quizzes to keep you engaged. The UI is well designed and is easy to use. Arabic Dictionary app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or higher.


Arabic Dictionary for iPhone is a useful dictionary app that provides translation of individual words, phrases, or whole sentences from English to Arabic and vice versa. You can learn words and its pronunciations in either language through explicit searching or in a rather casual manner by playing games. The audio feature let you learn the precise pronunciation of words. The UI is well designed. Overall, a handy dictionary utility for professionals, students and frequent travelers to the Middle East.

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