ProCam App for iPhone Review

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Do you adore DSLR? Imagine owing the same in your iPhone. Yes it can be done. Designed by Samer Azzam, ProCam for iPhone is one of the best rated applications on the iTunes App Store will let you feel the same. ProCam app costs $0.99 to utilize all of its features and to unleash the new snapping in the camera.


ProCam for iPhone is all about photo editing. The app has a wonderful fully oriented user interface. ProCam bestows on five live lenses which are Vignette, White Vignette, Fisheye, Tilt Shift and Kaleidoscope. The application also supports true slow motion video mode with four playback speeds as 15 fps, 24 fps, 30 fps and a maximum value which varies with different iOS devices. There are 40 expertly crafted retro themed live camera filters to add beauty in the snaps. ProCam iPhone app comes up with amazing shooting features like single shot, Night mode with timer option, self-timer, face-detection with auto shooting option and many more. The app is available in more than ten languages ranging from English to Korean.

ProCam App for iPhone

ProCam iPhone app is a contemporary tool designed by simply picking up on everything that’s required in a camera application. There are ten beautiful camera color theme. The app supports full screen modes in 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios and resolution of 1080p& 720p in video mode. The status bar of the app notifies about a battery and disk space. The app let you operate the camera at an ease. The best feature of ProCam is to shoot a picture during video recording. The flash of the camera can be set to on/off or auto mode. The famous gesture of two fingers to control focus and exposure is impressive. Besides this certain features like image resolution, image compression quality and aspect ratio can be adjusted as per user wish. The impeccable feature of the app is to support blending of music from iTunes music library during video shooting.


ProCam app for iPhone requires iOS versions 6.0 or later. The application is pretty much compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app supports 120 fps playing speed for iPhone 5S. Considering all the features of ProCam and the price it has, it would be wise to add this in your iPhone to feel the most of the DSLR. Get this app from iTunes App Store to stack and click memorable moment in glooming and fun-loving way.

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