Atomus HD for iOS Review

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Are you a creative thinker? Then Atomus app for iOS is surely for you. If you have not yet heard about it then let us tell you that it is an app for iOS which is a brilliant entertainment elements for people who love fireworks, designs, paintings, colours, rainbow, waves, aurora and other such stuff. So, what is it basically? It is basically an interactive visualizer that creates designs and patterns to remind you of all the above mentioned items. It has some really cool features you would love to check out. The app costs $0.99 to download from Google Play Store.


It is highly dynamic and it has got options to control each parameter and design characteristics. The reason why it looks and works so sensationally because it is made with physics, mathematics and also 3D graphic techniques. For making it suitable for computing environments, it is optimized using neon assembly codes. Atomus can also improve speed on any platform by 60 FPS. The 10 finger multi touch display allows you to exploit and satiate your creativity to the furthest extent. There are great music integrations done to alleviate the experience by several notches.

Atomus HD for iOS Review

You can go ahead and customize the length, size and colour of the particles. Make your screen look and feel ever more sensational than any of your friends. The three colour modes available include Nature, Neon and Crystal. The device compatibility of this app is commendable. It is highly compatible with all the versions of iPad and iPad mini. iPad 3rd and 4th generation is also included. The image compression has been improved in the recent version which means you have another reason to get this app for your phone.


Atomus HD app for iOS is not free but what it offers is truly unique. If you had enough of games and they no more excite you then this is something you should definitely try out. It has a size of only 19 MB which means you would not require sparing much of your phone space to accommodate this fabulous gizmo. Check for the version before downloading and also check its compatibility with your device.

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