Star Wars Dice iPhone Game App Review

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There would not be a single gaming fanatic out there who would not be interested in fantasy gaming flicks. The Star Wars movie franchise is extremely popular with kids as well as adults and therefore the Star Wars Dice app for iPhone is like the ultimate accessory that one would require to support the Star Wars main game. The app supports a host of other games under the Star Wars category for example, Star Wars: Armada, the X-Wing (TM) Miniatures Game, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and other such role playing ones. By now is you are super excited to know more about it, we would love to tell you about the features of the same.


The main purpose that Star Wars Dice iPhone app serves is to offer a convenient selection of roll dice for all the FFG Star Wars games. Expect all your gaming needs to be satisfied by the assortment of standard dices. For each game, the player would be provided with a standard polyhedral dice. A Star Wars game is not completely a ‘Star Wars’ game if it does not have the effects and the appeal. You would only be able to enjoy the gaming experience completely if the app has iconic Star Wars backgrounds. Star Wars Dice app will surprise you with eight Star Wars backgrounds.

Star Wars Dice iPhone Game App Review

Enhance the experience furthermore by using the six distinct sound packs. The interactive help guide offered by the app would be great help for first timers. The intuitive radial menu is quite useful as well. Though the app is a paid one, you are sure going to experience some really wonderful role-playing attributes that would make the expense completely worth it. It has been told by enthusiastic downloaders that the layout and the UI of the current version has received some minor changes and thus the app looks even more sensational now. Star Wars Dice for iPhone costs $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.


Star Wars Dice game for iPhone is for every worshipper of Star Wars. If you have an iOS 4.3 or higher then this app will run like a dream. The game is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. Lay your hands on this awesome app and shortly you will find your favorite pastime buddy with it!

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