Bubble Jet Raider Android Game App Review

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Bubble Jet Raider for Android is a fun side scroller game wherein an explorer travels in a bubble, while attempting to navigate a variety of crystals and unknown objects that try and stop him. You got to break them using your right hand, while controlling the bubble with the left. The game may be downloaded for $0.74.


After firing up Bubble Jet Raider, you can either jump straightaway into the action or swipe to the left to see the instructions on how to play the game. There are three control options: balance, swiping and tapping. Whilst the controls are apparently simple, you got to ensure that the bubble remains intact. A slight contact with any object will burst the bubble. If that happens, it is game over! Your goal in Bubble Jet Raider app for Android is to go as far as possible. The father you progress, the more points you earn. The cave is full of unexpected obstacles, which don’t allow the character to move deeper and discover new chambers of the cave. The biggest threat are the crystals, which are numerous and dangerous. You have to stay alert at all times.

Bubble Jet Raider Android Game App Review

The 2D graphics is eye catchy. The colors are vibrant. The physics is realistic. The UI layout is incredibly simple to follow. Your score will be displayed on top left and the pause menu button on the top right of the screen. You can take pictures while playing and share it on Facebook. The game comes with an online leaderboard and achievements linked to Google Play in order to compete with your friends. The game is found to be slick and responsive. Bubble Jet Raider requires Android OS 2.3+.


Bubble Jet Raider game for Android has a seemingly simple concept. But the game play is challenging. It is not easy to keep your bubble intact for long, especially when you start off. The 2D graphics and realistic game physics impresses. The UI is easy to follow. Online leaderboard should excite competitive minded players. SNS integration comes handy. The background score is really cool to say the least. The app is also reasonably stable and responsive. You should try this one out if you love endless runner games through an obstacle course.

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