Attack the Light Android Game App Review

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In Attack the Light for Android, you will be called to team up as Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven tries to stop a powerful Gem weapon from destroying the world. It is a good old-fashioned turn-based combat wherein how and when you tap impacts how much damage your characters dish out. You can download Attack the Light game app for $2.99 from Google Play Store.


The premise of Attack the Light for Android is that Steven and his pals uncover a powerful artifact that shatters into a bajillion pieces at our hero’s touch, therein freeing color-coded light monsters into the world. Now, everything is in danger. It is up to our heroes to save the world. Attack the Light for Android got all the basic features of a turn-based RPG such as taking turns fighting the adversaries, gaining experience levels to increase stats, and unlock/upgrade skills as your progress, standing on one side of the screen. But it is much lighter sort of game. There is no overworld, nor any villages to rest in or stock up on supplies at. Instead, Steve and his team raid a series of dungeons one-by-one. As you play, there are few cut scenes with humorous dialogues. Otherwise, a large part of the game play involves exploring, collecting various items and fighting enemies.

Attack the Light Android Game App Review

The crystal gems are the muscle of the group, helping to attack adversaries with similar powers. Steven acts as the support, offering encouragement, giving items and healing and managing the action points. The difficulty levels increase as you progress. The aggressors soon become pretty powerful, and it requires advanced tactics to take them down. You got to manage your inventory wisely to survive. The graphics is excellent. The animation is slick and smooth, while voice acting gives life to the characters. The controls are intuitive. The game play is more like a casual RPG.


Unexpected complexity and depth in a running theme are the hallmarks of Attack the Light for Android. The game play provides a nearly ideal RPG experience. It is challenging as well as entertaining. How well you mange to use your resources against the enemies decides your survival rates. The animations are slick while the voice acting is impressive. For $2.99, you get a full version of the game, with no more IAP. Overall, a premium game for fans of both the show and turn-based role-playing games alike.

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