Thumb Keyboard Android App Review

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Thumb Keyboard app is the revolutionary input method for both Android Tablets and Phones. The innovative split design quickly set the industry standard for tablet input. Thumb Keyboard app costs $2.49 to download from Google Play Store.


Thumb Keyboard app for Android was designed from the ground up to be extremely flexible; it puts the user in control to ensure the best possible experience when using an Android tablet. Thus the urge to create a custom split layout for Android(TM) Phones and tabs as well. The choice is in your hands. A whole new prediction model is incorporated into the already feature-full keyboard. It has a prediction method that most competitors would find hard to rival. The prediction method, Bigram prediction, uses a special algorithm to settle on what your next word would be based on the previous word. You see, the traditional method of text prediction involves an algorithm that makes you enter at least 3 letters before the system will begin guessing what you’re trying to say. With Bigram prediction only need to enter just one letter and it will start on finding the best possible match to the word your thinking of. This is a unique feature because this new prediction method not only looks at the preceding word but also sees how the words are used in the context of the sentence.

Thumb Keyboard Android App Review

In addition to voice to text, keyboard contains yet another innovative feature: text-to-speech. This optional feature will say the words you write the moment you enter them in your text. This means you can muse on what you write instead of monitoring the typos you make. It’s also possible to assign accented characters like é å á î etc. Now you can just enter your specific language characters by just long pressing on a letter. With multi-touch capitalizing that letter is a breeze… Just hold shift and long press on the letter key. Entering accented letters is now as fast as entering a regular letter.


Let’s face it, phones these days seem to be getting bigger and bigger and Android is all about choice, so why not let the user decide which layout is best suited for their needs? The split design can drastically speed up your input time without having to learn a fancy new input method or wait around for an input method to learn you.

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