Smiler Android App Review

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Quotes by famous people fill our leisure hours and they naturally become our favourite pastime buddy. But, standing in a queue and wondering the language the quote is in, isn’t the nicest thing in the world. This is where Smiler app for Android brings a difference to your world. It offers you with convenient viewing of quotes from databases all over the net world. The app supports a variety of languages including English, Russian, Spanish, German, French and several others. So, what makes this app something very unique? Let’s check out!


Just the way we love reading and re-reading the favorite chapters in a good book, similarly quotes can be pretty addictive too. But, once read, finding your favorite quote again to read or share with friends can be difficult. This is where Smiler comes with the option to save all your favorite quotes so that you can access them anytime later easily! You can try exporting the files to a text file or you can even share them with your friends via instant messaging, SMS, emails, and of course social media.

Smiler Android App Review

As you open the app, your last visited page is presented right before you. So, you can carry on from it directly.Smiler takes a note of your favorite quotation databases and allows you instant reading facility through quick loading of a specific number of pages. You can also go through the pages if you do not have internet connection.What if your favourite quote page has got new updates and you don’t know? Smiler shoulders the responsibility of alerting you of new entries through periodic updates. The app resource list generally comprises of popular sites like,,,, and several others. In case the list of commonly accessed sites, do not contain the site that you wish to read from, all you have to do is send a link and the site would be added to the database.


Smiler app for Android is a whole lot different from what you have been downloading and using for years now. Though it is a paid app, it is fast gaining popularity with people inclined towards wise sayings and mighty words. You might as well find your time well spent while browsing through it. So, hurry and get the app today!

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