TrinusVR Android App Review

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Your favorite games on PC do not run with a hard core hardware backing. But do you really need to spend all your hard earned money on gaming consoles? Not when there is virtual reality. Welcome to the world of TrinusVR! This app can feature not only in your Android mobile phone devices but also in IGN, Gizmondo and Microsoft Insider. This amazing app is fast collecting brownie points with game lovers because of the 50,000 gaming hours that it is offering. So, are you ready to know what the app really does? TrinusVR app costs $9.99 to download from Google Play.


TrinusVR for Android connects your smartphone with your PC, so that you can play your favourite PC games in virtual reality. So, at such a wallet friendly price tag, would the app be able to successfully replace out need to spend on consoles? The sensors in your phone can be used for head tracking so as to give a fabulous gaming experience. It works with a number of PC games including Elite Dangerous, Minecraft and GTA. You can play as many games as you like and that too through wireless channels! If you are comfortable with USB connections, the app will sure offer turbo performance there too!

TrinusVR Android App Review

TrinusVR is also compatible with every popular headset out there, including VR One, FreeFly and Homido. For playing games uninhibited, one needs nothing more than a windows PC, an Android smartphone and the Trinus VR PC app. So, are you ready to get started? We will help you with that! All you have to do is first download the app in your Android device and then download the app meant for PCs. Once done, go to Set up guide and follow the various steps to get started. Now, simply put your headset on and venture on the most incredible virtual gaming trip ever! The new version of the app has got some really fun elements because of the updates. Background bug fixing has been done, a Motion compensation option has been added and several other small updates to render a fulfilling experience.


TrinusVR for Android is an awesome application that has got downloaders raving about it. Though it is a paid one, you won’t regret spending money on it. The smooth performance and the digital presentation will never remind you of your consoles! So, go get one today!

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