Journal – Orange Diary Pro Android App Review

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If you are looking for a very personal journal that lets you keep a record of your emotions, interests and all your secrets in general, Journal – Orange Diary Pro for Android is the application you should install in your phone. And just to ensure that all your information stays safe within the confines of your Android device, the software lets you protect it with a password. Journal – Orange Diary Pro app is available for download from Google Play for $1.99.


Journal – Orange Diary Pro for Android comes across as a good option that could replace your daily diary. Besides pictures, it lets you attach audio and video files to the entries so you can always go back and relive the beautiful moments of your life, whenever you want. The software permits you to create one time or recurring tasks and sends notifications for the same. You can even label your journals or tasks and launch searches in case you want to go back to one of your previous entries. A password protection option has been added too. Backups of entries can be created and saved on your SD card so you never have to worry about losing any of it. Complete with emoticons, it comes with multiple themes and allows you to add categories to keep your journal organized. And what’s more, it lets you attach pictures to special events as well.

Journal Orange Diary Pro Android App Review

Journal – Orange Diary Pro for Android doubles as a diary app and a note writing software lends an ear to your experiences, thoughts, ideas, activities and whatever else you feel like sharing with it. You can either view the entered items in the form of a timeline, as categories or in the calendar view. Apart from assigning a security lock and encryption to the app, you can also back up its contents in Dropbox and retrieve them as and when you want. As for thoughts that you don’t consider way too personal, you have the option of sharing them with friends over social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.


So if you wish to replace your personal diary with a virtual counterpart, consider downloading one of those Android journal app. Journal – Orange Diary Pro for Android is the ultimate way of putting down memories while on the move, Memoirs feels rather safe, thanks to the password protection and encryption.

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