Jarvis PRO – Voice Assistant Android App Review

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Jarvis PRO – Voice Assistant app for Android sounds very haughty but it essentially boils down to a console that interprets written or spoken commands similar to the Windows command prompt console. The distinguishing feature is that it talks back to you. Jarvis PRO – Voice Assistant for Android is available for free download from Google Play Store.


Jarvis PRO for Android is a kind of new personal assistant, the first in the hoard to work within your Android Wear, phone and tablet + Soaring factor freshness of your phone to a whole new level. Jarvis can be accessed from your lock screen with a solitary tap. Save notes and access them with the Notes widget. Jarvis can update your home screen background automatically almost on a daily basis keeping refreshed. Jarvis is the first PDA to run on your Android mobile. Be in charge of your phone or tablet through your Android wear, update the wallpaper, put flash in dark, playing songs by name, artist and album.

Jarvis PRO - Voice Assistant app for Android

Jarvis PRO – Voice Assistant App for Android sounds very pretentious but it fundamentally bubbles down to a console that construes written or vocal commands comparable to the Windows command prompt. The characteristic feature is that it speaks back to you but unfortunately you cannot engage in a conversation, it is not a bot. No artificial intelligence here. What you can do is input specific commands such as to lock the screen or turn off the monitor, return the time and date along with other somewhat less helpful functions. Still, there seem to be some functions that deal with weather forecast and news, though unfortunately they don’t really work. You can make calls & send text messages with Jarvis. You can also get voice notifications about weather, news, battery status & power levels. And even set quick wake up alarms for you. And now its wearable support allows you to control your phone, play songs by name and artist and get full readable news, weather updates and battery notifications via your Android Wear watch. It’s a cool app to experience Jarvis on your Android Wear watch.


Jarvis PRO – Voice Assistant for Android is a conversational software tool designed to help organize yourself, automate tasks, find information, and ultimately connect to your home. Not only does it mimic Jarvi’s voice, it also has extreme sense of respect and intelligence.

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