Slot Car Trainer Pro Android App Review

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Over the world, Slot Car Racing is incredibly popular with people of all ages. The game might be about racing miniature cars on miniature tracks, but to people who play it seriously, it’s a whole lot more. They are always looking to improve their timings and increase their speed. This is where Slot Car Trainer Pro for Android comes to your aid. It is the perfect slot car training app for those who want to better their game and beat their opponents. With this amazing app, you can practice as much as you want without thinking twice. Slot Car Trainer Pro for Android costs $1.99 in Google Play Store.


Slot Car Trainer Pro Android app comes with a range of different features that would help you to improve your game. Some of its main features include:-Lap Counter and Chronometer-Sector Timing and Rally Mode-Acceleration races with reaction time timing. Different Color Codes-Magenta: Track Record Lap-Green: Race Best Lap-White: Normal Lap.Text Zoom. The app pauses automatically when your device receives a call. It gives you full access to track stats like scale, length, lap speed record and time .You can also save or share, your individual statistics.

Slot Car Trainer Pro Android App Review

The Pro version of Slot Car Trainer also includes the following features: With the Pro Version, you get unlimited laps. With the Lap Time to Speech Feature you can get a voice read out of the lap time. You don’t get any ads whatsoever. You would get lap details and ‘gap’ with the fastest lap. You would get sector as well as reaction time details. Selective Mute. You can even customize the sounds. You can save or share driver and lap details. You can see your initials in Race.


If you are passionate about slot cars and want to improve your game and take it to a professional level, then Slot Car Trainer Pro app for Android is just right for you. By providing you details of each lap, it helps you to identify your strengths as well as weaknesses. This app would help you to improve your technique and check your car upgrades like tyres and engines. You just need to go through terminal calibration, then adjust the track and then hit on the ‘Go’ button to start clocking times. However, it is advised to get the free version of the app so to check whether your terminal is compatible or not. So, get Slot Car Trainer Pro App today and become the master of the track.

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