Math Tales – The Jungle app for iPhone Review

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Math Tales – The Jungle: Nursery Rhymes and Math Games for Kids iPhone app is an educational game designed for kids in age group 3-5. It combines charming nursery-rhyme style narrative with educational mini-games that are designed to improve your child’s numeracy skills. The game is colorful as well as interactive that it keeps your kids engaged. You can get Math Tales – The Jungle iPhone game app for $2.99.


In Math Tales – The Jungle for iPhone, the animals need your help to prepare everything in time. Follow the nursery rhyme and help the animals to colour, count and add and everything will be ready in time for the return of Ray the elephant. The app is an interactive story in rhyme in which the narration alternates with mini-games of mathematics and logic.

Chapter 1 introduces the players to some new characters and features tasks such as creating flower garlands and hanging balloons. Latter chapters features small games such as ordering animals by size, creating a cake for the party, and finding hidden objects. The app has nine chapters in all. Each chapter features three tasks that are specifically designed to build skills in different didactic areas such as Spacial Perception, Visual Perception, Logic, Math Operations, Numbers, and Colors. Math Tales – The Jungle app for iPhone has 27 games in all, which also change each time your child uses the app.

Math Tales – The Jungle app for iPhone Review

The app also features an exclusive ‘parent’s area’ that can be accessed by completing a multiplication sum. You can view your kids’ progress there. It highlights which areas of the app have been completed and which ones are yet to be done. You can also view links to the other apps within the Math Tales range. Parents can breathe easy as the app does not have any pop up ads that your child might click accidentally. The graphics is colorful and engaging. The narrative is well paced and it feels more like a storybook narrative rather than an educational title. The background score is melodic and upbeat and adds to the fun feel of the game.


Math Tales – The Jungle app for iPhone is tailor made for young kids. It is both educational and fun to play. The chapters are thoughtfully designed to build skills in different didactic areas. The graphics is colorful and engaging. The background music is melodious and upbeat. Parents can check their kid’s progress in the “parents’ area”. Thankfully, the app is free of ads. Check it out if you got kids in 3-5 age range.

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