DIRAC Android Game App Review

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In their earlier titles as well, developers Mediocre had utilized physics in ways to give each title its own unique and compelling experience. DIRAC game app for Android is no different. Named after the famous theoretical physicist, Paul Dirac, the game is about atoms and its subatomic particles, and how you manage to string them together to earn points. You can download DIRAC game for $1.99 from Google Play Store.


As per its developers, you have been granted unlimited and unsupervised access to the DIRAC mkII Quasi-Fibonacci de-unfocusing vectorscope terminal. Through phase-distorted intermodulation inference, you will be able to manually disentangle and sort through the macroscopic existence of the microverse. In layman’s language, you got to draw lines in order to connect atoms to one another. The pulsating blobs emanate particles of different colors, and your task is to connect them before they escape the screen. If they escape, you lose some points as penalty. On the other hand, if you manage to string together particles in an efficient way – like in a circle including the atom itself – it will activate multipliers and help you maximize the score. Once you play the game, you’ll understand more about what the developers meant by saying ‘manually disentangle and sort through the macroscopic existence of the microverse’.

DIRAC Android Game App Review

DIRAC Android game app has five difficulty levels – Novicium, Medianum, Extremum, Beyondium and Absurdium. This could correspond to easy, medium, extreme, hard and the hardest-est in plain English. These levels differ in terms of background color, the amount of particles that pop out of the molecule, their speed and the amount of incoming meteors. In the hard levels, there is a third colored particle. The game play at the latter levels can be best described as frantic. In the pace at which things are happening on screen, you’ll forget all combos and instead frantically attempt to connect two or three dots just to survive. Even though, the visuals got a dark feel to it, the graphics is excellent. The glowing neon particles are a delight to look at. The cool atmospheric sound score adds further to the immersion effect. The game play is addictive to say the least. DIRAC requires Android OS 2.3 or higher.


DIRAC game for Android is fun and challenging. If you manage to string together the particles in an efficient way, you’ll unlock multipliers that enhance your score. The game achieves frantic pace in the Beyondium and Absurdium levels. The graphics is eye catchy, while the atmospheric score adds to the feel. First time users can make use of Tutorium to know about the game and its rules. Overall, a scientific take on the traditional ‘connect the dots’ game. Check it out if you love this genre of games.

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