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audioPro app for Android is a music app on Google Play Store that allows you to more exciting listening experience. Most of us listen to music on our phones. While there are a number of music streaming apps but still a lot of people like to listen to songs that are stored on their phones. But the thing is, the default music app of most Android apps is nothing fancy. If you want a truly immersive experience, then you need to download audioPro app for your phone. In the following post, we would take a look at some of the different features of the app.

Get the True Taste of the Music

The audioPro app is designed for listeners who are true connoisseurs of music. You can browse songs according to artists, albums, and playlists. What’s more, you can also create separate tabs for all your favorite tracks. Not only does it help you to organize your music in an efficient way, it also helps you to customize your listening experience. It comes with a powerful equalizer, which has a number of presets as well as gives you the option to customize your settings and save them as preset. If you like your songs to have solid bass, then you can use your BassBoost feature on the app. If you like listening to music on your headphones, then this app detects headphones and automatically pauses the song when the headphone is disconnected.

audioPro Music App

App Features

  1. Supports mp3,wav, m4a, ogg, aac, amr and more
  2. Create your own playlists
  3. Set your favorite song as phone ringtone
  4. Sort songs with the help of name and date added
  5. Sleep timer which automatically shuts off the music after a period of inactivity
    6.Displays codec details like bitrate, channels, sample frequency, and the like.


The audioPro app is something that helps people who are truly passionate about music. It really enhances the sound quality of the music and helps you get a more immersive experience. So, download the app today and take your listening to a whole new level.

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