The Bugs I: Insects Android App Review

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The world of insects is always a fascinating one. Ever since time immemorial, kids had taken a great deal of interest in the world of insects. As a parent, it would be great if you could introduce them to insects in a much more informative way so that they can get closer to nature. To do that you would need to install The Bugs I: Insects app on your Android app. So, let us take a closer look at some of the features of the app and what makes it a good app that educates your children about nature.

Learn about the World of Insects

The Bugs I: Insects? App is a fun and informative way to know about insects. You would be able to identify them by their name, know about their habits, where to find them, and their metamorphosis patterns. So, in a way, you would be able to know all that there is to know about them. The best part is they don’t make the app feel like a textbook. The information is imparted in a fun and intuitive way. This ensures that your children not only learn the information but also retain the information. To make the learning process more fun, the app has different games that allow you to create your own insect, complete the butterfly cycle, dress the beekeepers, find insects, and about a dozen such games.

The Bugs I Insects Android App Review

App Features

• Completely narrated, which makes it a good option for children who have just started to read
• Free from any kind of advertisements
• Games suitable for the entire family
• Easy-to-understand user interface


The Bugs I: Insects? App is one of the best educational apps that allows children to learn more about nature. This is definitely a good way to keep children busy and also educate them at the same time. So, instead of letting them watch mindless videos on YouTube, keep their brain active by downloading The Bugs I: Insects? App. The app is priced $3.35 to download from Play Store.

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