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The AudioRec Pro Voice Recorder Android App is used for basically recording voice and sound from all android app in best quality. The app offers high definition sound quality from the microphone, facility to trim audio, enhancing sound by adding different filters, cloud storage facility, boost up the volume of the mic etc. The app is really useful for students, businessmen, musicians and for common people to record music notes, concerts, interviews, meetings, online lectures, songs etc.

Recording & Playback

The AudioRec Pro Voice Recorder Android App supports almost all audio formats such as WAV, MP4, AMR etc. We can record audio files and voice notes within background such as in the notification bar rather than opening it and recording. The recording options consist of the basic operations such as Start, Pause, Resume, abort recording. Stereo mode is supported in devices having 2 microphones and mom recording is available in all other devices. The sample rates supported by the app is in the range between 8 kHz and 48 kHz. In the case of WAV files, there is an add-on option to continue the recording of an existing audio recorded file. Also we can boost the volume of the microphone to record in maximum voice in the audio formats such as WAVE/PCM. We can store the recorded files in the specific storage area in our device even in external SD card.

The recordings in the AudioRec Pro Voice Recorder Android App can be auto uploaded to cloud storage such as in DropBox or in Google Drive. We can easily set the recorded files as our ringtones and can be renamed, delete, share across social media and with our family and friends. The recorder can be easily controlled with the home screen and lockdown widget and the playback loop feature is also yet another advantage of this app.

Perfect choice

The AudioRec Pro Voice Recorder Android App has user a friendly interface and simple features that makes the app one of the best among other recorder apps. The app is available in the Google Play Store and costs $7.08 to download and use. AudioRec Pro is developed by AC SmartStudio for android devices having android version above 4.2 and above.

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