If Found iPhone App Review

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If Found iPhone App is the story of Kaslo who went to space to save the world from the dangerous black hole. This is not a perfect gaming app rather it is a visual novel that depicts the events in the life of Kaslo her conflicts with her family, friends and struggles and challenges she goes through. The game is been set in Ireland in the year 1993 and also the story is revealed as it is written in the diary. If Found is a paid iOS platform interactive gaming app developed by DREAMFEEL and published by Annapurna Interactive LLC.

How to Play

The If Found iPhone App gameplay has been stunning with new advanced mechanisms and most of the visuals presented in the form of hand-drawn art and also it is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack which makes the story more effective to the players. We can experience the real life of Kaslo and can grasp her both happy and painful moments through the interactive visual novel game. This game is really heart touching and it gives the feeling of living in our own life story. The game has also represented the lead role character Kaslo as a transgender women which is really an appreciative thing where most games or stories don’t use such kind of brave representations. In a realistic way the story explains the life of a girl with eraser mechanism which provides more realism to the game.

The art has been excellent and colorful with bringing the moments in the story wonderful. Another important aspect feature in the game is the soundtrack which is not just a normal sound but it suites perfectly with the situations in the storyline. All the character in the story blends really well to the game and overall it is a good, perfect experience for the players all around the globe.

Experience this visual novel

The If Found iPhone App game is overall a perfect choice for all iOS users and it has age restrictions such as it is suggested for players above the age of 12 as it contains adult contents. The app is available in the app store and costs just $4.99 to download and use. It requires iOS version 11.o or above and is suitable with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

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