Bugs and Bubbles iPhone App Review

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The Bugs and Bubbles iPhone App is built for developing learning skills through performing different activities among children. There is a total of 18 activities classified in Bugs and Bubbles and each activity guarantees a funny and interesting learning session for the children. Each activity is organized with elegant and industrial scenery, attractive interface and with good sound effects. Bugs and Bubbles iPhone App is developed by Little Bit Studio, LLC and it is categorized under education category.

Best Learning games for Pre K & K

The activities are been developed to improve basic skills in children such as to understand and differentiate colors, counting, critical thinking, memory skills, understanding different shapes, comparisons, fine motor skills, sorting, tracking, logical skills, letter tracing skills etc. The application can be purchased from app store and cash can be debited from the iTunes account. Another advantage is that the app doesn’t have any distractions in the form of advertising of apps, in apps etc. thereby providing undistracted app experience. Most of the activities can be completed by the students by themselves without the aid from adults. The games are also very much interesting and have been provided with instructions to follow.

The user interface of Bugs and Bubbles iPhone App is child friendly and has got some good graphics to attract children. It includes different activities to select, level, score and some good scenery in relation with the activity. The sound effects match to the activities and graphics used and gives a visual treat for the users. The languages supported by the app includes English, Danish, Dutch, French, German etc. and ensures that it does not collect any data thereby ensuring users data privacy. Overall this app is a great attempt for all young aspirants and it definitely improves their skill in education field. The effective visualization learning definitely encourages them in learning and helps to understand concepts easily.

Kids will love this App

Bugs and Bubbles iPhone App is generally built for children aged 4 to 6 years but can be different according to the caliber of the child. The app is available in App store and costs just $2.99 to download and use. It is compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS version of 9.3.5 or later for its better performance.

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