Easy Voice Recorder Pro Android App Review

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Easy Voice Recorder Pro Android App is developed by Digipom for android devices that is compatible. This app is used for recording, managing, playback and share our audio and voice files. Easy Voice Recorder offers the opportunity to record special moments, personal notes, meetings, classes, songs etc. The app is really useful for all different people such as for students, business meeting and interviews, musicians and for everyone.

App Highlights

The main advantages of the Easy Voice Recorder Pro Android App is that it offers students the opportunity to record classes and lectures during online teaching thereby helps them to understand concepts better by hearing the recording repeatedly in a comfortable pace. In the case of business needs, this app can be used for recording interviews, meetings using our android phone, tablet and smart watch. Cloud uploading is another great option which will save to our drive all the recordings we have been recorded till date in our other devices like laptop, desktop etc. Musicians can use the application for recording voice notes, for rehearsals, capturing songs etc.

The pro version of the app Easy Voice Recorder Pro Android App has some great features such as we can upload recordings to our Google drive, Dropbox etc. In addition to the free version, the app offers additional formats such as MP3 and AAC are also added. We can record voice and audio using Bluetooth microphone with the pro version. The trim feature is another great feature thereby we can delete unwanted sections and reduce the length of our audios. We can control the recorder with the help of notification bar, Tasker etc. rather than opening the app. The other advancements include skipping silence, record in stereo, volume boost, custom bitrates etc.


The Easy Voice Recorder Pro Android App has a great user interface with customized theme selection either light or dark. Android wear support enables us to use the recorder in our smatwatches. We can share our audio files directly to email or favorite applications and also set them as our ringtones. The app is really user friendly and it is fast and flexible for all the users. The app is available in Google Play Store and cost just $0.67 to download and use.

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