First Words Professional iPhone App Review

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First Words Professional iPhone App is one of the all-time best selling, paid iOS platform application developed by Learning Touch LLC for educational purpose focusing on school students. This app is really useful for children as it beautifully describes things with accordance of pictures and sounds. Learning by visualizing concepts is far better than going through books and it is very easy to remember and express things that we have been visualized in compare with things that has been read.

Develop Pre-reading Skills

The First Words Professional iPhone App has been built mainly aiming at children thereby helps to develop their pre-reading, early reading and language skills. The app is also useful for educators, speech language pathologists, institutions, and for parents to teach their children. The interface of the app is well designed to attract children with beautiful pictures, images and sounds. The app displays words under different categories such as shapes, numbers, food, feelings, clothes etc. and there is an interface to choose language such as American English, British English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

We can manage the categories, words that we needs for teaching children and others can be hidden. Word management can be done with sorting words such as longer words, particular letter combinations etc. that make the child uncomfortable. The First Words Professional for iPhone is modelling an interactive method of teaching with the students to make them comfortable, to improve their interest towards learning etc.


The First Words Professional iPhone App hence develops different skills in children such as letter recognition, word recognition, phonemic awareness, fine motor control etc. The options that the app provides include Uppercase, Lowercase or capitalized words, spell words slowly or quickly, serif or sans-serif font etc. The game option enables the user to choose options manually and thereby providing their ward only what they required to learn. The app runs in devices having iOS version 10.0 or above. The app is available on App store and costs just $9.99 to download and use. Overall this app really is a better option than any other educational apps and it assures that everything is made clear for the child who uses the app in easier manner.

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