AutoGuard Pro Unlocker App for Android Review

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Dashboard camera or dash cam is a good tool to have, especially in the event of a motor accident. It provides valuable evidence if you’re not on the wrong side. AutoGuard Pro Unlocker app for Android is one such app that turns your Android phone into a dash cam. You can get AutoGuard Pro Unlocker Android app for $2.99.

AutoGuard Pro Unlocker App Features

AutoGuard Pro Unlocker app for Android is not a standalone application. It is an unlocked version of AutoGuard Blackbox, which is a free app. With AutoGuard Pro Unlocker, you can turn your phone camera into a working dash cam. Apart from recording video, the app also records and displays the latitude, speed, GPS coordinates, and acceleration. Since phone memory may be limited, the video recorded can be limited to save space on your phone. After the space is filled, it will automatically delete the oldest videos, unless marked to be saved.

AutoGuard Pro Unlocker App for Android

While running, AutoGuard Pro Unlocker Android app however does not block other phone functions. You can use it for other purposes like dialing/receiving a call or text, even though we don’t recommend doing it while driving. Of course, AutoGuard Pro Unlocker got lots of features. But as soon as you load the app, you’ll be taken through a detailed tutorial that explains the user interface and all available functions. The user interface is pretty well laid out. Tap on ‘start’ to begin recording videos. You can vary the flash, focus mode, and exposure rate as required.

Further, you can start/stop videos or quickly archive the video in the event of an accident. In the case of an accident, the app will also record the GPS coordinates. Tap ‘snap’ to access the camera form the main menu, and this comes handy to take photos and document the scene in the event of an accident. The app also got an auto upload to YouTube option. AutoGuard Pro Unlocker uses 53MB RAM while running in the background. Since it operates continuously, it’ll drain battery as well.


AutoGuard Pro Unlocker app for Android creates a reliable dash camera out of your Android phone. The app performs as it promises. Using the app, you can quickly archive a video in the event of an accident or set it to auto -upload the recorded videos to YouTube. The tutorial comes handy as the learning curve is a bit steep. Verdict: If you want a dash cam in your car, but don’t want to spend much for one, try this app.

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