Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App for iPhone Review

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Businesses have become lot global in scope of late, and as a direct outcome, many people are traveling abroad regularly. It goes without mention that such travelers got to deal with multiple currencies every time they cross over international borders, and thanks to the dynamic nature of exchange rates, keeping a mental tab of conversion math is next to impossible. It is in such a scenario that a capable currency converter comes handy. Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App for iPhone is one such application that combines beauty of design with raw functionality. Banca iPhone app may be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

How Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App works?

The first thing you note about Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App for iPhone is that it supports virtually every currency (all non-obsolete ones) in the world. Also, it is one of the easiest to use; for example, to convert a currency to another, slide the top bar to pick the currency you wish to convert (say USD), followed by the bottom bar to pick the one you wish to convert to (say INR). On the other hand, if you wish to make the conversion other way around, tap the INR first on the lower bar instead of readjusting the slider from settings. This is a cool feature as far as user friendliness of the app goes.

Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App for iPhone

Further, you can perform simple arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using the calculator feature that comes below the bottom bar. To say the least, it is one of the prettiest calculators you ever get to see on an iPhone screen.

With iPhone Banca Beautiful Currency Converter app, you’ll get to view the latest currency rates of the day. You can make use of the green settings button to customize your list of currencies, and update the exchange rates of the day online through a couple of taps. You can also have the app update the exchange rates automatically. Since you might not dealing with all the currencies regularly, you can customize the ones you want to be displayed on the top slider through a user friendly edit menu, that lets you swap and reorder currencies of your choice. iPhone Banca Beautiful Currency Converter Finance app is compatible with iOS version 4.0 and upwards.


Banca Beautiful Currency Converter App for iPhone has got everything you look for in a currency converter app, and more. It is easy to use for one, and is quite quick in terms of delivering the results. The app is designed to work in both offline and online modes. The calculator feature is a plus. Overall, a handy currency converter app you should not mind having in your iPhone, its $1.99 price tag notwithstanding.

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