Bass Guitar Note Trainer Android App Review

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Bass Guitar Note Trainer for Android assists you in learning string instruments. It can be 4, 5, or 6 string guitar and fretboard notes. It is an intuitive and flexible app that helps you meet goals in terms of learning bass instruments. The app has all the basics required for beginners and you can also perfect your skills if you are a professional. You can learn notes in Latin, German and English. The app is an excellent tool to learn notes, sight reading, ear training. Finger memory and sight playing. You can tune bass guitar in different range and sounds.

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Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a simple and intuitive app made for music lovers. The guitar note trainer has six different modes for training which includes Note Explorer, Note Trainer, Note Practicum, Note Game, Note Tuner, and Note Theory. The explorer mode displays or hides notes. Notes are displayed on its diagram or on the fretboard. You can use various user adjustable filters, highlights and touching notes. It has customizable trainer profile in the trainer mode. The trainer mode can generate 9 different questions of all possibilities. It shows full statistics of number of questions, correct answers, percentage and others. You can create new trainer profile. You can recognize real instrument note in the Practicum mode. It also offers the most efficient way of assessing your knowledge using game-based assessments. The tuner mode will display all the recognized notes and the frequency of the instrument.

Bass Guitar Note Trainer Android App Review


Bass Guitar Note Trainer is a great way to learn to play the bass guitar and reinforce the fretboard fundamentals. The different sounds it offers are acoustic, clean and contrabass. You can tune from C or sub contra octave to B or line octave. You will have octaves in scientific and traditional naming. The app provides Bass clef and Treble as sight reading. The app costs $3.49 to download and use.

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