Bilfy Icon Pack Android App Review

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Bilfy Icon Pack for Android provides icons to beautify your home screen. Icons bring life to your smartphone. It defines the look of the home screen and gives your phone a very unique touch. For people who love to give that extra touch to the icons in their phone, Bilfy will be a great choice. It makes your phone look more modern, vibrant and colorful. It is a perfect when you want a set of pleasing icons that will attract any eyes. The app developers are focused in making your original icons look more appealing and modern.

Get The Perfect Makeover For Your Icons

Bilfy is a simple and easy to use app that is popularly used by those who love to beautify their home screen. It has a beautiful and clean dashboard from where you can choose from over 720 icons. All icons are beautifully handcrafted and the developers keep updating the app with more and more amazing icons. The high-resolution icons are of 192 x 192 pixels. The app supports all major third-party launchers. You can preview each icon before choosing them. You can also search for specific icon using the search feature. There are also handcrafted and customizable wallpapers that can be used on your home screen. You can select the ones that match the icons. The icon request tool will help you give specific requests for icons.

Bilfy Icon Pack Android App Review


Bilfy is one of the best tools to make your phone look more aesthetic. You need to have a third-party launcher to make use of this app. You can request for icons and it will be developed and themed under different categories. Icons that has a greater number of requests from different users will be developed and themed first. If you have any icon that does not get changed as per the theme, you can send the icon to the developer to fix it. The app costs $1.61 to download and use.

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