Battery Alert 40-80 Pro Android App Review

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All users might have observed that their phone’s battery life shortens after some months of usage. You might be overcharging or undercharging the battery often that eventually it starts to tell on the battery life. Battery Alert 40-80 Pro for Android helps improve the battery life of your phone by notifying you to charge or unplug from your charger based on your customized battery percentage settings. You can get the app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


A typical battery monitor app only notifies you when your battery level is critically low (10 – 20%), and some devices may notify you if your battery is 100% charged full, if at all. Battery Alert 40 – 80 Pro for Android overcomes these shortcomings by providing the capability to notify at customized battery percentage levels, even when the app is not running. Battery Alert 40-80 Pro for Android monitors your device’s battery level and informs you when to charge or disconnect your phone from the charger based on customized battery % settings. According to Battery Alert 40-80 Pro, the battery life can be prolonged if the battery is consistently kept charged between 40% and 80%. That is, by default, the app will prompt you to disconnect the charger when the battery is 80% full. But users can modify the alert notification percentage to any value they want.

Battery Alert 40-80 Pro Android App Review

When the battery level falls below the specified charge alert, a battery alarm will sound in repeat intervals notifying the user that the battery is low. Users can choose between notifications via a non-intrusive Toast Pop-Up notification or the app window. Similarly, you can use the default voice alarm sounds or choose your own ringtones for charge alarm and for unplug alarm. The app also displays battery temperature, in case you’re curious about it. The UI design is minimalistic with easy-to-read text and soothing colors. It is easy to navigate as well.


Battery Alert 40-80 Pro app for Android basically prevents over and under charging with custom percent level for charge battery notification and custom percent level for unplug charger notification. Users will receive pop up notification or alarm sounds to plug/unplug the charger. The UI is easy to use. Those who don’t wish to pay $0.99 may opt for the Lite version, which has most of the features of its paid version, but with ad banners. Check it out if you think your phone’s battery life is a bit on the downward spiral of late.

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