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In a sense, iCarMode for iPhone is like your in-card dashboard, providing quick access to things that you need the most while you’re on the road. Its home-screen provides extra large icons for maps, music, contacts and phone so that you can easily access them rather than fumbling through multiple pages of apps to find them. Of course, we don’t advice you to use your iPhone while driving. But at times, it becomes so unavoidable, and that is where iCarMode could come handy. iCarMode costs $1.99.


iCarMode for iPhone gives access to major functions while you’re driving. This could be music, phone, maps, contacts etc. Swipe right once on the home page and you will also got access to a number of other useful features such as ‘Places’, ‘Where Did I Park?’, and ‘Parking Meter’. The contacts part let you add six most frequently called numbers. The Music Player got large buttons, letting you adjust the tunes easily. Maps allows you to choose your favorite GPS app from the given list. ‘Where Did I Park’ comes handy in sprawling carparks or unfamiliar side-streets to locate your vehicle quickly. Places let you find the nearest restaurant, car wash, gas stations, shops etc. Every aspect is classified into categories so that it is easy to find what you’re looking for. Parking Meter is a great option for time sensitive city parks that attract a hefty fine if you happen to miss the deadline. You just got to enter when the parking meter expires, and you does not risk a ticket again.

iCarMode iPhone App

iCarMode has a user friendly layout and design. The app theme changes automatically to night mode on local sunset and this looks beautiful. The app supports both landscape and portrait orientations. The app is also slick and responsive. We found the results it produces are pretty accurate.


iCarMode app for iPhone comes across as a comprehensive app for all your in-car needs. Even though it is not advisable to use phone while driving, the app makes things a lot easier for you so that you can focus on the wheel most of the times. The UI layout is user friendly. ‘Where Did I Park’ comes handy in sprawling car parks while Parking Meter is useful in time sensitive city parks. The automatic theme changer is a nice addition. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you are tend to use your phone while driving.

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