Battery Widget Reborn App for Android Review

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Android OS has traditionally been battery thirsty. Larger, brighter screens and multi-core processors in current generation of smartphones also play a major part in the overall battery life of your Android phones. If you want to track your device’s battery, you can find lots of apps in Google Play Store that could help you out with battery monitoring. But nothing is as elegantly visual as Battery Widget Reborn app for Android. The app keeps track of remaining power in the battery, and provides quick access to your statistics and it comes with a widget to match. You can get Battery Widget Reborn Android app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.

Battery Widget Reborn App Features

Battery Widget Reborn app for Android has a stylish UI. The holo themed design perfectly matches ICS, and it does not look bad in Gingerbread either. You simply drag down the notification bar to reveal a graph showing the declining strength of your battery, and toggles of power control that comes really handy at times. The app has four sections, covering battery info, battery history, notifications and settings. The first one got a nice big display showing how much battery is left, links to hardware toggles and settings and Android battery usage page.

Battery Widget Reborn App for Android

Battery history shows how the charge was expended overtime and rate of discharge and an estimate of how long the battery might last. From the notifications area, you choose the toggles you want, customize what you’re shown etc. Finally, from settings you can engage power savings mode and specify what hardware to be turned off automatically when the phone enters the said mode. Also, you can specify the time when your phone should switch to night mode. The widget too can be customized to suit your taste. Android Battery Widget Reborn app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.3 and up. The app is also available in a free of cost beta version.


Battery Widget Reborn app for Android does not help you save battery. But it gives you info on the battery health, battery history, and how long you got to recharge it. It also comes with a power savings mode – automatic airplane mode during the night – that significantly saves battery life over the duration of a day. The UI is simple yet beautiful. Verdict: Quite a feature rich app for its price point. If you don’t wish to pay upfront, try Battery Widget Reborn beta version.

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