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Putting our phones in silent mode has an inherent drawback. Sometimes you’re required to attend a particular call wherever you are, from a potential client (say), and by having your phone in silent mode, you might miss those. But here is an app – CritiCall Pro for Android – that let you have your phone in silent mode, but still receive important calls. You can get CritiCall Pro Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

CritiCall Pro App Features

CritiCall Pro app for Android basically let you have your phone ring for select contacts even when your phone is in silent mode. It should be noted that the settings applied by the app works only if your phone is in silent mode. It won’t override other sound profiles. You can also schedule a specific time when contacts are allowed to pass through the silent filter. You can also have people in groups so that you’ll receive calls from all people in the said groups.

CritiCall Pro App for Android

The UI of CritiCall Pro is quite simple. You only got to do some basic settings rather than doing any contact management features. At the bottom of the screen is the ‘manage contact’ button. This is where you configure settings for individual contacts. On the manage contacts screen, there are three tabs: all contacts, critical contacts and groups. The first one is for the entire contacts in your phone. The second one – critical contacts – are the ones you’ve selected to escape sound filtering. The last one, ‘groups’, let you configure sound profile filters for large groups of contacts.

When you click on a contact, you’ll see these options: Not Critical, Always On, Group and Custom. Not Critical is the default option and it keeps the contact silenced. Choosing the second option means the ringtone for the contact will always go through irrespective of any settings. Group let you place an individual contact in a group. The last option, Custom, let you set a specific time frame that the contacts calls/texts are allowed to pass through the filter. Also, there is a toggle for filter options to let text messages pass through the filter. Further, you can configure an Emergency Call Override, and setup adjustable reminders in case you miss a call or text. Android CritiCall Pro app consumes 58 MB RAM while running.


CritiCall Pro app for Android is a handy utility that saves you from missing important calls when your phone is out in silent mode. You got lots of customization options to tailor it to your requirements. It is a bit of a memory hog is one downside. Otherwise, the app performs as promised. Verdict: Worth trying out.

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