Battle in the epic tower defense with Robo Defense App for Android

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Robo Defense is a game that is homage at the same time that it is pioneering. There are a lot of things about the smart phone platform that makes it unique for these types of games and Robo Defense app for Android is a game that has done a good jump of engineering itself for situations that are ideal for someone playing the game from a typical Android smart phone.

An open concept for a flexible platform

Robo Defense Android game app comes with an open maps concept that is quite interesting. It is a concept that essentially allows you to get quite a bit out of all of the different maps that are available because the amount of uniqueness from game to game is actually quite high even if you are using the exact same map. This is why it is possible to only have five stages available initially yet still be able to get hundreds of hours of playability out of the game. Robo Defense game uses its resources very well and that means an easier time on your smart phone while you still have a blast.

Robo Defense game App for Android

Excellent secondary features

The combination of good tower placement and reusable levels means that you have a good primary base for a game, but Robo Defense Android application takes that one step further by giving you secondary features that can also be used in the same way. Simply change a few hardware settings on your phone depending on the make and model and you will find that the graphics available to you are quite spectacular. The same is true with the fact that difficulty levels are recursive and that means that there is actually no limit to how high you can get when all is said and done. You can simply keep on going and that means that there is no limit to what you can accomplish with Android Robo Defense game app.

Final Score

The price tag to be able to use and download Android Robo Defense app is $2.96. This is of course by no means the cheapest price that you can ever expect to pay for an app, but of course it also a better than cheapest price app when you take into account all of the features that were mentioned above. The fact that there is a limited feature trial available for free also shows their commitment to excellence since you can try before you buy in the case of this app. We like all of these things and that is why we have given the Robo Defense app for Android a final score of 9 out of 10.

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