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There’s an old saying that states that you get what you pay for and where apps are concerned this turns out to be oddly prophetic. We’d all love to be in a situation where we can actually get free apps, but the fact is that you really do get what you pay for. Free apps can be good in some areas, but when you really need some high-end functionality for your smart phone you are going to have to pay to get it. PDF Reader Pro, a fantastic app, is a great example of this very simple fact.


PDR Reader Pro app for iPhone is undoubtedly feature-rich. You have all kinds of different scanning features that you can use to get the exact finish for your PDF document that you want. Annotation features will allow you to add text, arrows, lines, shapes and freehand drawings to your PDF documents. Easy file transferring allows you to go right ahead and quickly move files around when you need to. Compatibility features allow you to do all kinds of different reading tasks in addition to the basic text and office files that most people would use. All of this of course is in addition to the normal PDF reader features with layout options, bookmarking, page-jumping and air printing, all of which can really help you do what you want with your files.

PDF Reader Pro App for iPhone

Added convenience features

Not only will PDF Reader Pro app for iPhone give you the chance to take advantage of all of those features, but you can easily look forward to things like filling out PDF forms on your smart phone, editing Google documents with cross-compatibility and even looking at things like typewriter text boxes if you need to go old school. This is all covered within a graphical user interface that is actually intuitive and easy to use, allowing you not only to have access to all of these features, but also to use all of them to maximum effect.

Final Score

PDF Reader Pro app for iPhone will give you a full-featured solution for PDF reading, editing, saving and transferring so that you don’t need anything else. It is powerful and it is sweet. Our final score for PDF Reader Pro iPhone app is 9 out of 10 with 1 point deducted for the $1.99 price tag (in our opinion about a dollar too expensive).

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