TuneIn Radio App for Blackberry Review

| August 28, 2011 | 7 Comments

TuneIn Radio is a handy music application for Blackberry that lets you tune into various internet radio stations over GPRS/HSDPA or WiFi. In the present day, using this app, you can listen to over 50,000 radio stations from across the world, including your local FM/AM stations and programs and podcasts. Blackberry TuneIn Radio application can be downloaded free of cost from Blackberry App World.

The Application Features

Downloading and installing TuneIn Radio Blackberry app is a pretty straightforward process. Once you set it all up, you’ll be taken to the home screen, which is quite well laid out and easy to navigate around.

You can search the stations you wish to listen to from the search box at the top (for example, search for Los Angles, pin code). Alternatively, you can rely on Blackberry’s GPS to find the stations near your locale even though it is found to be not so reliable an option few times. Under the ‘Local Radio’ option, you could find the local radio stations. On the other hand, if you are away from your ‘home’ stations at any given moment, you can use the ‘search by location’ feature wherein you narrow your search down from continent, country, state etc. before arriving at the radio station of your choice.

TuneIn Radio App for Blackberry

Further, you can narrow down a search based on music genre, talk radio, sports, and even by “Podcasts.” In TuneIn Radio, it is even possible to screen radio stations based on language. Regarding performance of TuneIn Radio app for Blackberry, there is nothing to be alarmed about. The sound quality is pretty good provided you remain in cell range. Another notable aspect of the app is that it is ad-free. It comes as a welcome change for those who are tired of such ads in apps such as Pandora.

On the downside, the TuneIn Radio app is a bit power hungry. Playing for long durations drains your Blackberry battery fast. Also, there are minor issues with title updates of songs. As it is seen, the application takes a while to update the title/artist when a new song starts playing.


Radio buffs will certainly love TuneIn Radio. Not only it provides multiple options and access to tons of internet radio stations from across the globe, but also offers a good listening experience all the time. True, the app drains your battery quickly; but then who uses their Blackberry’s as a substitute for their music devices. It should not hurt occasional listeners. And finally, the TuneIn Radio app for Blackberry is free. Isn’t it just the right combination you expect from a radio application?

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  1. Alexir says:

    Great app!But what about the fact that the app drains your battery quickly?I’m a student so I’m always on the run.What can I do to listen TuneIn Radio longer?

  2. PerdeleDraperiiStoruri says:

    i always get bored listening over and over the same songs,so now i can change the radio station and stop to the song i like.great app!

  3. Brett says:

    Great app! Thanks for the review!

  4. Auto says:

    Great review, good app. But there’s something about how it looks that I don’t like. It’s frendly and has a nice design, i know that, but I feel like it doesn’t fit with my Blackberry’s design.

  5. Amass says:

    Oh man, you’re right, the power draining is insane! But yeah, except that, it’s pretty good 😉

    Great review, by the way!

    • Braco says:

      Pretty good? I think it’s great! And the power issue is not a drag for me because I spend most of my day at the office or driving. Either way, I have a charger nearby.

      Great review, sir! Keep it up!

    • Sm-art says:

      Yeah, that’s a great app, but the power issue is a downer for me. If I had an office job I couldn’t care less, but I travel a lot and I can’t afford the risk of landing in a strange country with no internet, maps or means of communication. But great review!

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