Battleship Alien Invaders App for iPhone Review

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Battleship: Alien Invaders app for iPhone is a gripping naval strategy combat game from Codespot. In this simple shooting game of strategy, you attempt to fire missiles at alien battle ships by predicting its radar coordinates before it could approach yours. Battleship: Alien Invaders iPhone app costs $0.99 at iTunes App Store.

How Battleship Alien Invaders App is played?

Battleship: Alien Invaders iPhone app is modeled on the theme of the movie by its name. It looks original on an iPhone screen. In this iPhone game app, you are supposed to look out for flashing lights on the radar. A flashing light indicates an approaching enemy, and you are required to fire missiles to the target before it could reach you. For most players, it will take more than couple of attempts to get the missile launch right. The trick is to keep an eye on the blinking missile launcher, as well as the enemy moving pattern to hit the target successfully.

Battleship Alien Invaders app for iPhone

In terms of strategy, you need to carefully observe every move of the alien warship to deploy your missile to wait for them and command it to fire at the right moment the ship comes by. As it takes some time for the missiles to hit the target post firing, you’ve got to have a sense of timing to balance the speed of the intruding ship and the speed of the fired missile. You got only 4 missiles for each level, and hence you can’t afford to miss the target many times. As you move up the level, the enemy begins to act smarter, and the pressure on you increases to hit the target without missing even once.

The simple yet strong graphics stands out on the Retina display, while the sound effects add to the feel of a real naval combat. You won’t have any trouble spotting alien ships on the easy-to-read radar screen.

Final Thoughts

Those who’ve already fed up with typical action games, and prefer a bit of brain scratching, will certainly feel at home with Battleship: Alien Invaders iPhone game app. It might be frustrating at first as you fail to hit the target repeatedly. But once you get hold of the semantics of the missile launcher, it turns out to be gripping and fun. The graphics and sound effects add a realistic feel to the game. Verdict: Try it out.

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