Beat da Beat Android Game App Review

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Beat da Beat is a space based arcade game featuring retro-style fast paced game play and an awesome dubstep sound track to back it all up. It is quite fun and addictive, and perfect to kill some time when you’re idling. You can download Beat da Beat app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Beat da Beat app for Android features a background story wherein you play the role of an alien whose girlfriend has been abducted. You are in a journey to rescue her, a journey filled with obstacles and enemies. The controls you use to play the game are a bit strange. For example, in order to control your ship, you got to tap and hold your finger on the screen. It gets interesting when you want to use a bomb or use ship’s special ability. Releasing the finger brings up an extra abilities menu. The best part of the game is the new style of game play that most players might not have experienced till date.

Beat da Beat Android Game App Review

Beat da Beat app for Android is one such game that you can play and finish within few hours. You have ten different ships that you can control and upgrade. This means that you have no choice, but continue playing in order to earn coins for the upgrade. Keep in mind that there are no shortcuts to get your ship move faster. Every single virtual dollar must be earned the hard way – by playing the game. There aren’t any in-app purchases or coin packs or super ships. You got to earn every privilege by playing Beat da Beat app for Android. For the same reason, the leaderboards reflect a fair picture because you know people did not buy their way to the top in this game. Beat da Beat app requires Android OS versions 2.3.3 or higher.


Beat da Beat app for Android is a fast paced space shooter game that you should try, especially if you are a dubstep fan. We recommend that you play this game with headphones for the best experience. The controls are unique, and interesting. It is also one of the few games wherein you can make it to the leaderboard in a straightforward manner – by conquering the levels by playing the game. There aren’t any shortcuts such as in-app purchases or special abilities to catapult you to the top. Check it out if you like retro style fast paced arcade games that could be wound up within in couple of hours.

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