Prince of Persia Shadow & Flame Android App Review

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The all time classic adventures of the great Prince of Persia is back again stronger than before, right on your mobile screens. Titled as Prince of Persia – Shadow & Flame, this Android version of one of the most iconic video game character boasts of some great graphics and a very addictive game play. The application is rewarded and supported by a lot of great reviews and awards ever since its release. Though priced at $2.99, the large number of installs and the amazing user rating of more than 4 stars out of 5 only cements its positive quality and credibility further.


The sequence of events being followed in Prince of Persia – Shadow & Flame game for Android is almost similar to its predecessors or previous versions. The protagonist who is introduced as the mighty prince needs to rescue the princess from the evil hands of Jaffar, the wizard villain. The escapades and adventures traverse through 14 distinct levels of ancient landscapes, powerful enemies and a lot of mystery quests. Compared to its previous releases, this android version of Prince of Persia has received even more wide acclaim for its stunning visual beauty and the intuitive game play. Unless and until you complete the levels, the game can be played only in the story mode. Once you have completed the levels, the world map feature lets you choose any desired level to be played anytime.

Prince of Persia Shadow Flame Android Game App

There are two types of control modes, the touch/joystick mode controls and the gesture/swipe based control system. According to your need and convenience, either of them can be chosen to run, jump, climb, fight, dodge etc. Still, the touch/joystick type control system feels more accurate and provides better results. Other than fighting off the enemies, you also need to keep a check on the coins, magic potions and other add-ons throughout the game. All of them can be used for upgrading various skills and shields for the prince. There are also a lot of other surprises in the form of new characters, achievements, weapons, combos and so on that really increases the excitement factor throughout.


Prince of Persia – Shadow & Flame app can easily find a place in your favourite action adventure game list for Android. It not just relishes the nostalgia of the good old game from the 90’s , but also promises a fantastic gaming experience with all the necessary thrills required for an adventure ride in your smart phone.

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