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The StarCraft franchise is definitely one of the most lucrative in history and the recent release of StarCraft II has only added to the mystery and excellence of this particular title. At the end of the day though, becoming a better player is easier if you have help in the process and that is where this iPhone mobile app comes into the picture.

General help for StarCraft II

The first way in which this assistant can help you is by giving you basic tips that can greatly improve your game. Most people tend to muddle through real time strategy games like StarCraft II, eventually finding the right strategies. StarCraft II iPhone App can help you accomplish that in record time by giving you 10 different strategies that you can use right away. You don’t even have to look at the iPhone’s screen if you don’t want to because you can set things up such that it will beep a certain sound when you need to build a particular building or unit in order to stick to the strategy that you’ve selected.

Specific practice and tips

Although general help is good for StarCraft, you need to think of it like any strategy game. You can start by learning the basic moves to chess for example, but to get better you need to examine your mistakes and try to learn from them. To that end, this iPhone app gives you the chance to replay your strategies in real time and then refine them by editing the build orders in the app. You can then get those same orders read back to you by using the general help functions discussed in the previous section, allowing you to get better as time goes on.

Great interface options

If you have trouble recognizing some of the units in StarCraft II app for iPhone, try looking at them through the lens of this app. It will certainly help your comprehension and at the same time it will give you the chance to see all of the different units and buildings that are available in multiplayer so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.

Final Score

StarCraft II app for iPhone is a hugely popular game and it will remain a popular game for a very long time. Getting good at this game can give you a lot of bragging rights and this app will help you do just that. Our final score for StarCraft II iPhone app is 8 out of 10.

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