BeeKeeper-2D App for Android Review

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Microsoft brought out Minesweeper as part of its Entertainment pack more than two decades ago, and it is still available in a modified form with Windows OS’ current versions. BeeKeeper-2D for Android is an update to MS’ Minesweeper, but with pretty interesting things thrown into the mix to spice things up. You can get BeeKeeper-2D Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


The basic concept of BeeKeeper-2D app for Android is the same as Minesweeper. But here, you’re dealing with honeycombs. You got to tap on cells to clear them out while avoiding the bees hiding underneath. Each successful tap on an empty cell gives you the number of adjacent cells that are without a bee. If you can apply some logic, you can clear the whole board in a short order.

BeeKeeper – 2D App for Android

BeeKeeper-2D provides a variety of game play options and modes, therein making it an interesting experience for the players. The classic mode is the one which is much similar to Minesweeper game. The Progressive Mode (3 sets of 12 levels each), on the other hand, has a number of designed levels that progressively gets difficult as you move up the ladder. The third mode, Arcade (2 sets of 10 levels), has two different play styles: ‘Timed challenge’, wherein you compete against the clock, and ‘additive’ mode wherein the board gets bigger and bigger each time you play. The game has over 60 re-playable levels. Players can make use of a selection of power ups to change the game play. One such power up provides a sneak preview of the position of bees in the board. But it is only suitable for smaller boards. Another power up provides a failsafe bonus life in case you tap on the wrong cell. The graphics is good. BeeKeeper-2D game is also pretty stable and responsive.


BeeKeeper-2D for Android is a challenging update to Microsofts’ famous Minesweeper game. It has lots of challenging levels to keep you entertained for minutes on end. It has got tremendous re-play value. The graphics is good enough, if not great. Check it out if you’re hunting for a game that is perfect to kill time while commuting to/from work or while waiting in the airport lounge. At $0.99 it is only reasonably priced.

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