Speed Blazers App for Android Review

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Speed Blazers app for Android is a challenging racer type of game wherein you dash to the finish line while navigating through obstacles all the way. You’re racing against two other players that are auto-controlled, thus making it more exciting while adding lots of replay value. You can get Speed Blazers racing game app for $1.10 from Google Play Store.


Speed Blazers app for Android features challenging tracks throughout its levels. You can select between eight different avatars to play with and the chosen characters then race against pre-selected players controlled by the app. Each character has special super abilities to smash and slow your opponents down. You control the movement of your character by swiping on the screen. While testing, we found that the response time is pretty good even though there was a bit of lag while attempting to do tricks in the air. But those are not any deal breakers fortunately.
At present, Speed Blazers app for Android comes with 72 challenges, which will be enough to keep you entertained for few weeks at least.

Speed Blazers App for Android

While the game play of Speed Blazers is really exciting, the real winner here is the graphics. The app displays quality, and the detailed artwork done in the style of Japanese anime characters stands out. You’ll be impressed with the design of in-app characters as well as the levels/worlds through which the race course pass through. The impressive background music adds to the feel of the game. The layouts and menus are also reasonably well done. It is non-cluttered and pretty easy to navigate. You can’t compete or play against other Speed Blazers players. However, you can share your highest scores via Google Play Store. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. There aren’t any lags or freezes either.

Final Thoughts

Speed Blazers app for Android is an interesting fast paced racing game that’ll keep you engrossed for minutes on end. The courses are challenging and unique. The graphics of Speed Blazers stands out for its design and details. The sound effects are equally impressive. The menus are well designed and hence easy to use. The app is also stable and responsive. Overall, at $1.10, it is a reasonable bargain. Check it out.

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