Befuddled App for iPhone Review

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Those who haven’t had enough of fun word puzzlers may try out Befuddled app for iPhone. It is an addictive and challenging word game whose game play is a mix of Bookworm, Bejeweled, and more. Befuddled iPhone app comes for a nominal price of $1.99 in iTunes App Store.

How Befuddled iPhone App is played?

Befuddled app for iPhone is an interesting word game sans any timer that gets more difficult as you play it. The game has four difficulty levels, and is backed by a dictionary of over 450,000 words. In the early levels, you’ll have plain wood tiles to spell your words that can be created with three letters or more. You form the words by touching on adjacent tiles in the grid. You can select tiles to the right, left, up, down, and diagonally. Once you submit words, the used up letters in the grid vanish, and tiles fall down from above to take their place.

Befuddled App for iPhone

As you move up the levels, more tile types such as jade, marble, glass and ruby will begin to fall along with the wood style. The twist here is that you can only spell words using one type of tiles. From this point onwards, it’ll take some real brain scratching to get your words right. You can use your special abilities when you get stuck somewhere. These abilities include small and big bombs, change materials, buy tiles, move x2 multiplier, swap tiles, scramble tiles, and kill tiles by texture.

If you’re finding it difficult to learn Befuddled iPhone game application rules, help yourself with the tutorial and a help menu system included in the game. The graphics part is good, so are the sound effects. Befuddled is compatible with iOS versions 3.1.3 and up.

Final Thoughts

Befuddled app for iPhone is addictive; you just can’t play one round of it and stop. Those who are only excited by brainy games will certainly feel at home with Befuddled. It does not have a timer means you can take your own time for strategic thinking, until you get the word right. The graphics looks nice on the retina display. Overall, iPhone Befuddled app a fun word game to kill time, like when you are waiting endlessly in an airport lounge.

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