ModFace App for Android Review

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Meme fanatics out there is going to love this app. ModFace app for Android is a fun application that lets you create photomontages easier and faster. It also has lots of customization options. ModFace Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for a nominal $1.99. A stripped down, ad-supported free version is also available.

How ModFace App works?

ModFace App for Android basically lets you add cartoon faces to photos. More specifically, you select a photo of a person from your Android device, and the app automatically recognizes the face and replaces it with a meme. You can pick the meme you want on the photo. You also have the option to change it on will. In order to do that, just select one photo again, and move it to any position of the picture.Further, you can remove the meme anytime. It is also possible to vary the size of the meme, or rotate them as desired. ModFace Android Photography application works commendably when it comes to managing the photos/images. If you don’t have the photos in your phone, use your phone’s camera to click few.

ModFace App for Android

ModFace app for Android lets you add up to ten faces per photo (the free version allows only three). Also, the paid version comes with an expanded gallery of more than 50 memes. Once done with the edit, the meme-face can be saved in the phone memory, or shared with your friends via email, message or any other format, including SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, that accepts image inputs. The user interface is easy to use; you have all the options laid out on the screen all the time for easy access. ModFace for Android requires Android versions 2.1 or higher. Its download size of 2.4MB means that app is quite light on system resources.

Final Thoughts

Those who are itching to play some prank on your friends might find ModFace Android app quite handy. It lets you change your friend into a meme-face within few clicks/taps. You have enough options available in the app to fiddle with the photo, and make it a proper meme-face. Overall, a fun app to have in your Android phone! PS: If you don’t want to pay upfront, try out the free version of ModFace first. Go for the paid one when you need more variety.

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