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In one sentence, Bento app for iPhone is a handy and inexpensive application for collecting, searching and displaying information. While it is not the ultimate database management app for iPhone, it still got enough features to make your life a lot easier. Bento has been designed as a standalone application, even though it does a favor by efficiently syncing with Bento’s desktop Mac version. Bento iPhone app is priced at a slightly higher $4.99, even though many argue that given its features, it is not so high a price tag.

Features of Bento App

As expected of a decent database management application, Bento iPhone application packs a large number of options and different types of libraries, in which you can save/store different types of data. The available options include Projects, Contacts, Recipes, To-Do Items, Diet Log, Files, Events, Inventory, Event Planning, Home Inventory, Expenses, Time Billing, Exercise Log, Classes, Digital Media, Student List, Membership List, Products for Sale, Equipment, Vehicle Maintenance, Items Sold, Issue Tracking, Customers, Donations and Notes. You can make blank and custom libraries for those items that don’t figure in the default templates. The default templates are easy to use and incredibly functional.

Bento app for iPhone

Further, Bento app for iPhone supports 15 field types include dates, numbers, time, text, email, URL, address etc. Certainly noteworthy amongst the various fields is the location data field that uses the GPS/ Wi-Fi in your iPhone to record your location, even though you have to enter it manually. Bento also comes with an option that lets you create related data fields right on the Apple device, not to mention the iTunes-style searching and instant sorting feature that helps you to find things a lot quicker.

On the downside, even though it is compatible with most other iPhone apps, it support for AirPrint is very much limited in scope. Also, there is no way to capture video in the medial fields using iPhone’s camera, even though it works for photos and audio. Another noticeable bug (if it can be called so) is that Bento recognizes ‘tab’ as a text tab, while using the Bluetooth keyboard. In such a situation, the user has no choice but to use his/her finger to move from one field to another.


Bento iPhone application proves extremely useful to individual users who use their iPhone regularly to store important information. It offers professional and fast solution as far as central information organization is concerned. And it works wonders when paired with its desktop version. Verdict: One of the best standalone personal database applications for iPhone that you can get for a modest $4.99.

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