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Pages app for iPhone is a full-fledged word processor application that lets you create, edit, and view documents in your iPhone. The app provides a fairly complete collection of page layout and word processing features, something you’ve used to see in MS Word. In fact, anyone who has used MS Word will be able to pick it up in a matter of minutes. Pages app for iPhone comes with a steep price tag of $9.99.

The Application

One feature of iOS that makes editing with iPhone Pages app a walk in the park is Apple’s Smart Zoom. The Smart Zoom feature lets you zoom-in to leave about ten lines of text/40 characters on the screen while you’re editing, so that you can read/see the text clearly while editing, and at the same time have an eye on the other lines in its vicinity as well so that you don’t lose the context anytime.

Pages App for iPhone

Due to the lesser size of iPhone screen, compared to iPad, some of the menu items are hidden from plain view. For example, the button to change font, as well as other formatting tools, is kept hidden until you really need them. So, if you want to change paragraph style and text formatting, simply select the text, and tap on the small Info button that appears in the menu bar. On doing so, a small window will appear below the selected text, with all options to make paragraph/style formatting as you wish.

Pages will also let you create complex charts and graphs, add photos/pictures, and even embed spreadsheets in documents. Further, creating complex documents does not slow down the pages even a little bit. The pages were as responsive as it was with blank documents. Further, the app comes with 16 Apple-designed templates/styles to instantly create beautiful letters, reports, flyers, cards, and posters.

Pages app for iPhone also gives you multiple options to share your documents with others. For one, you can copy your Pages creations to your MobileMe iDisk or a WebDAV service, or directly to your Mac or PC using iTunes File Sharing. Or you can export it to Microsoft Word or PDF format and send it via Mail. Pages application is also compatible with Apple’s latest AirPrint application, if you are looking for a print option.


Pages app for iPhone is as complete a word processing application that you can get from iTunes at the moment. It gives you virtually all the features you typically expect or require in a word processing tool. The app is easy to use, responsive, robust, and reasonably priced given the utility it brings to the table. Verdict: A must have app for your iPhone if you use the gadget for some of your office work while on the move.

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