Best Apps Reviews iPhone App Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

| February 26, 2011

Feb 26, 2011  Best Apps Reviews iPhone App Golfscape GPS Rangefinder

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder is one of those apps that you will use every time you are on the golf course.  This is a high quality app with amazing gps accuracy for making difficult shots even when your view is obstructed.  Don’t be shocked to discover that the app runs for $19.99 on iTunes, but the good news is that it doesn’t require an annual fee or subscription.

This is the app for the guy that has everything, well, and that plays golf.  Seriously, if you can’t think of anything to buy for your dad, boyfriend or brother and they absolutely love golf, then this is the best $19.99 present you can get them.  It will be appreciated for as long as they have an iPhone and can still play golf.  This is one of the most useful sports related apps on the market and it works on the iPad as well.  Why you would be lugging around your iPad on the golf course might say a little about your addiction to technology, however, it’s nice to know that you can if you want to.

35,000 Golf Courses

This app is not just for the professionals, it’s also incredibly useful if you are playing on your local courses.  Try not to rely on it for your entire game, but definitely use it in a pinch or if you are trying to improve your sight distance judgment for yards.


A Couple of Setbacks

One of the biggest problems is running the GPS feature continually.  It is an absolute battery hog, so you may want to use the app sparingly during game play, because 18 holes could drain the phone.

Shotzoom has divided up the functionality that should have simply been in one app into two apps.  The other version of this app is a scorecard and handicap version called Golfshot, which runs for $29.99.  You don’t have to have both of these apps, but if you do, they integrate.  If you are serious about golf then you will most likely have both of these apps loaded.


Golfscape can help you identify hazards, target your landing area and will allow you to view the course in 360.  It’s also nice to know where you are on the golf course also.  The main feature of this app is the GPS Rangefinder.  The info is easy to read because they made the numbers large so you can do a quick glance without your friends seeing.  New course data is uploaded for free by Golfshot which is a good feature for new golf courses being developed.

Final Score

iPhone App Golfscape GPS Rangefinder Best App Reviews scores this app 9/10.

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