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Tiki Golf 3D is a best app because of the developers have combined silly and fun graphics, a child-like sense of wonder and a killer physics engine.  Tiki Golf 3D is packed with hours of entertainment for anyone that likes the thrill, challenge and goofiness of miniature golf, but with a twist, and when we say twist we mean loopty loops, power boosts and ramps.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, then imagine yourself in a beautiful beach.  You are surrounding by exciting sites and sounds and then all of a sudden…  you find a putter in your hand; the golf club, you know, a putter.  In Tiki Golf 3D, you play as the character Tiki Bobby.  You have been wronged by the Tiki gods Kahuna and Lono and you are out to set things right.  Of course, as everyone knows, the only way to settle things with the gods is through some killer mini golf playing.

best apps tiki golf 3d


Play 3 Modes, Time Trial, Putt Putt and Pineapple Adventure

2 Difficulty Levels

2 Worlds, One of Which is Unlockable

18 Holes of Golf plus 19 Alternates

Drive Your Ball Like a Car

Smooth Gameplay


Tiki Golf 3D is a fantastic game that you should try out.  If you like mini golf or just a fantastic diversion, then Tiki Golf 3D is your game.  The game is a little short, considering it is a pay app on the Android Market.  Hopefully, the developer will release new courses or game mores on updates. Other than that, it is a well made game that brought us a few hours of enjoyment.

We didn’t delete it, but we haven’t felt drawn to return to it, not even when summoned by the challenge of Lono and Kahuna!  The time trials are what give the most challenge in this game.  If you run through the game on one mode, there’s a lot more playbility from the game when you try out the other two modes.  There’s also a free version that you can try out.


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